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Lose Weight for Type 2 Diabetes: Making the Changes

Lose Weight for Type 2 Diabetes: Making the Changes

When asking “How do I lose weight for type 2 diabetes?”, a better question might be to ask “How do I make the necessary changes to fix the underlying cause(s) for my weight gain?”

It is definitely a fact that being overweight or obese does greatly increase your risk of being diabetic or pre-diabetic. 9 out of 10 people who have diabetes are overweight or obese.

But does the weight cause type 2 diabetes?

What can cause type 2 diabetes?

Humans are truly complex beings.. there is never a one size fits all cause or solution for our health.


For sure, genetics are extremely important. However, even if your parents both had diabetes, there is no certainty that you will develop this disease. There has to be one or more triggering factors. This is the science of Epigenetics, the expression of the genes.

The other element that must be considered is lifestyle, including the following:

Activity Levels

We all know that we need to move to be healthy. Just introducing 30mins of walking every day is a great start. Steady, gentle to moderate exercise is best, and several times a day. Short bursts of intense activity can actually increase blood sugar as the body believes it is under threat and resources are mobilised.

Food Choices

It is really easy to get caught up in poor food choices. We know we need to eat a diet high in fibre, in vegetables, good fats, to moderate carbohydrates (especially sugars) and to ensure adequate protein, whether animal or vegetarian options. However, our fast paced, busy lifestyles get in the way.

Stress Management

When we are stressed our bodies will secrete the hormones glucagon, adrenalin and cortisol. These hormones cause blood sugar levels to go up. Stress causes the body to believe it is under threat, and that we need the extra energy available to fight or to run away. In our modern life the stress is less concrete or physical in nature.. it is not the sabre tooth tiger, it is our boss, our work deadline, money worries or a fight with our spouse..

So, its simple to lose weight for type 2 diabetes.. isn’t it? 

You just need to make changes in diet, lifestyle, stress management and lose weight .. ! 

If only it were that easy..

Lose Weight for Type 2 Diabetes: Making Changes

I want to introduce you to Michelle.

When she came to me for an Allergy test she was obese, was on medications for diabetes and was suffering from anxiety. As she had been unable to shift the weight she was scheduled for gastric band surgery.

She knew she needed to make changes but found the whole process to be overwhelming leading to repeatedly trying and failing.

My approach was to set about discovering why Michelle had failed to make the changes and to lose the weight.. why did her body / mind feel the need for the extra weight?

It turned out that she had been as shy child, bullied at school. Then in her early teens her father walked out and never contacted the family again.

In her late 20s Michelle became the primary care giver to her mother for 4 years when she became terminally ill and died.

It was after her mother died that the weight simply piled on and her overall health declined.

I recommended she seek professional mental / emotional help for the traumas in her life before tackling the weight directly. She chose to see a counsellor for talk therapy, combined with some Energy healing / Reiki.

The Counselling helped her work through her experiences, put things in perspective and to create coping strategies. It also helped her release the sense of guilt that she had not done enough, and that she was partly to blame for her mother’s death.

The Energy Healing, apart from being deeply relaxing, helped the body to release its fear and trauma, allowing her to feel safe at a subconscious level and no longer in need of the weight.

The final piece was Clinical Hypnosis to provide a Virtual Gastric Band.


Michelle felt able to tackle her diet and lifestyle and the weight began to reduce.. She is happier than she has been in a long time and way more confident in herself, her abilities and her appearance..


If you are struggling to make the changes and lose weight for type 2 diabetes, ask yourself “Why?”

I find with clients that the predominant reasons have to do with mental / emotional health.

Valuing yourself.

So many of my clients have a belief that you are not worth it, a sense of guilt or shame. A need to please and to put others first. If we do not look after ourselves who will? And taking care of ourselves first only makes us better able to take care of others.


Where there is a history of trauma, whether sexual, physical or emotional abuse, the body will often pile on the weight. The subconscious wants to be unattractive, to be big and strong, to wrap itself in layers of protection..

Being honest with yourself and seeking the reasons why you make poor choices and struggle to improve your diet and lifestyle is the first and biggest step. It is the start of your journey to move past what holds you back and to reclaim your health!