Natural Allergy Testing and Treatment

Why Choose The Allergy Co?

Convenient Centre Town location
MacLaren at Bank
Experienced and knowledgeable
Providing allergy therapy since 2004
Comprehensive Treatments
Considering more than just allergies
Team Approach
Working with a diverse team to provide for all your needs.
Suitable for all
Treating everyone, from newborn to senior
Long lasting relief
Clearing your allergies, usually permanently!

Helping you to better health!

Sue can test to determine the causes for your symptoms, whether allergy / sensitivity, intolerance / toxin, nutritional deficiency, intestinal parasites, emotional issues or structural imbalance. 

She then offers recommendations to provide short term relief and treatment options to provide long term healing.

Working with a diverse team at Ottawa Holistic Wellness, she will refer to other modalities where indicated.

Book now and experience long lasting relief!


Testing and treating for foods, environmental allergens, electro-magnetic frequencies and more..