Natural Allergy Testing and Treatment

Natural Allergy treatment

Our allergy treatment is based on the NAET protocol. This useful technique can be used to desensitise you to any allergens detected. These may be Foods, Environmental Allergens (dust, moulds, perfumes, pollens, pets etc.), Electromagnetic Frequencies and even Weather Patterns.

It is painless, non-invasive and safe for all ages. In the case of small children and infants, we will test and treat through an adult.

It cannot be used to treat intolerances, where the body is simply not able to process certain foods. Often gluten, milk protein, lactose and occasionally other grains, soy and beans fall into this category.

I liken this to your body being a premium gas car and these intolerances to diesel fuel - the car will never run well on the diesel, or even a small amount of diesel if it is regularly used! In the same way, you will be much healthier when avoiding any foods to which you are intolerant.

How Does It Work?

Muscle Response Testing is used to determine which allergens need to be addressed during the treatment session.

You hold the allergen vials while the practitioner uses their hands to stimulate Neuro-lymphatic Points and the Bladder Meridian which run down your back. This is painless, and many people find it quite pleasant.

This process rebalances the body in the presence of the allergens, effectively teaching it to be non-reactive to those allergens.

At each visit, we test the allergens treated the previous time to determine whether they are entirely clear. On some occasions, the allergens may need to be treated more than once to clear them, especially in the case of more severe or long-term allergies. If they have not fully cleared then they are treated again, 'topped up' and usually a second group of allergens can then be treated in the same session.

Once an allergen is cleared, you will not react to it, and in most cases, the allergy never returns.

Between 5 and ten treatments are usually enough to clear all the allergens identified. This will cost $300 – 600, although some people do need more treatments to clear all their allergens completely.

It is a very flexible system, and the visits can be taken in your own time, however, the sooner you complete the treatments, the faster you gain optimal relief from your symptoms.