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A Cure For Seasonal Allergies - The Allergy Co - Centretown Ottawa

A Cure For Seasonal Allergies?

Many of us suffer from seasonal allergies. Allergies can be of a physical nature or associated with underlying emotional issues.

The medical profession will provide testing to identify your allergies but is of little use when offering solutions. They are limited to meds to control symptoms and allergy shots (immunotherapy), both of which can bring relief but do not tackle the underlying issues.

Using the meds is a little like taking your car to the garage because a warning light shows up on the dash and the mechanic only turning off the light without fixing the underlying problem.

And the shots are painful, time-consuming and usually need to duplicated over many years.

The only other option is to avoid the allergens; easier said than done if you react to dust, moulds, pollens etc.!

So, is there a better way?

There are many natural allergy treatments available, some more effective than others. NAET is one of them.

My personal experience with this modality began in 2003. I had suffered from various allergies for many years and was ready to try anything. Despite the mixed reviews of this method I decided to give it a go. I was impressed to find that having been treated and pronounced clear of the allergens I no longer reacted to any of them.

I still don’t react, 12 years later! My clients have the same experience – once they are cleared for an allergen, it does not become a problem again.

The treatment uses the principles of acupuncture and works with your body to switch off the reaction. The body learns that it can be in balance, harmony, and nonreactive when exposed to the allergen. This treatment has even been proven effective for severe and anaphylactic allergies.

The first step is to identify which of the environmental allergens you are reacting to, then to treat them until cleared.

The traditional NAET protocol has a strict order for managing allergens and will only consider one at a time, however, for seasonal allergies I have found it most effective to be guided by what your body wants and to treat as many of the environmental allergens as the body requests in one group. This group of allergens then takes 2 – 3 sessions to clear. The total cost to treat seasonal allergies is typically less than $400, and you will no longer need to be paying out for meds.

One of my clients writes:

“I was always short of breath, increased difficulty just going up the stairs. I was tested for allergies, and it ended up I was allergic to multiple things. I was treated, and now I started playing hockey and running again. I barely use my puffers, and I am rarely sick even though I work in a hospital setting.”

Book a complimentary session with me to find out more about this truly life changing treatment.


This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Now I would like to hear from you. Do have seasonal allergies? What have you tried to help with their symptoms? Let us know in the comments below.